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We seek irreverent definitions of planning/urban design jargon. x  The kind that gets at the truth that hurts so much it makes you laugh.x Limit is 60 words. x  Choose from a working list see:x Glossary

Suggested Entry

Stakeholders (n), 1. label, defines persons who are affected materially by a physical change but also most likely to be without the equity sufficient to alter or manage the process affecting them. x See: Loosers

Suggested blog tags and categories: participation, community benefit agreements, have nots,x 

Case/Example for discussion: Google: Willets Point, New York City, Urban Development

The Urban Challenge

Best summary of the global urban challenge is by Bruce Katz “and rightly so” :

  1. Six characteristics of the Progressive Realm of Voters.  Study the regions for the part of the movement you serve in your city and region of the metro-nation.

2. Ohio, please get back to us…

3. Think like a citizen of a Metro Nation, nail down the facts here.

4. Leverage Four Assets

5. Work and the Metro-Community

6. Last but not least, “How do you create a revolution?