Wahington Heights

Washington Heights and Inwood Planning and Land Use Study

At the close of 2004, members of Community Board 12-Manhattan (CB12) began to seek resources for conducting a neighborhood planning and land-use study covering all of Washington Heights and Inwood, the neighborhoods that make up Northern Manhattan and comprise Community District 12 (CD12). After consultation with City agency represen­tatives and their elected officials, CB12 officers and committee chairs determined that a broad-based, district-wide planning study would aid in identifying priorities and in establish­ing consensus around a set of criteria for evaluating proposed and future development.

At that time the City College Architecture Center was directed by Ethan Cohen and with the aid of a newly hired consultant Rex L. Curry they produced a response to the RFP and began work. The following are links to the product of this work.

The following requires the Adobe PDF reader.


Section 1 – Introduction, Methodology, Community Actors, and Past Findings

Section 2 – Demographics and Best Practices, Housing, Community Needs, Community Facilities, and Potential Sites

Section 3 – Neighborhood History, Transportation, Topography, Parks and Open Space, Aerials and Photos, and Historic Preservation

Section 4 – Zoning Land Use and Development

Section 5 – Recommendations, Resources, and Resolutions

Section 0 – Short Version

MBPO Land Use 101 Presentation

Rezoning Presentation 04/07/2010

Rezoning Report

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